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2802, 2024

Empowering AI Safety & Ethics: The Inauguration of the AI Safety Institute Consortium

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The Biden-Harris Administration has taken a pivotal step in the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) by inaugurating the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC). Announced by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, AISIC embodies a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering the development and deployment of AI technologies that are both safe and trustworthy. This consortium, incorporating over 200 stakeholders from diverse sectors, underscores the administration’s commitment to establishing robust AI safety and ethical guidelines.

702, 2024

IBM Releases Its AI Global Adoption Index 2023

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New research commissioned by IBM found that about 42% of enterprise-scale organizations (over 1,000 employees) surveyed now have AI actively in use. Early adopters are leading the way, with 59% of responding enterprises already working with AI intending to accelerate and increase investment in the technology.

2301, 2024

Elyon is excited to share some wonderful news of our new Chief Revenue Executive, Ben Hafer

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Ben is an accomplished leader with more than 25 years of experience planning, developing, and implementing cutting edge technology solutions. His expertise spans across State and Federal IT leadership roles, including significant work as the Chief Technology Officer for California Child Welfare Digital Services and Principal Solutions Architect at the Office of Systems Integration.

2101, 2024

Case Study: Private Equity Solution – Propoint Technology, Inc.

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Propoint Technology, Inc. (Propoint) provided implementation support for a private equity solution targeting a large state pension system’s weaknesses in the operational process and infrastructure supporting Private Equity investment (PE). Propoint focused on implementing a new services technology solution to manage and account for PE portfolio data and activity while increasing PE data transparency through the implementation of new data standards and an automated transmission process.

1701, 2024

The Impact of AI on the Job Market: Navigating the Evolution of Work 

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In recent years, AI technology has experienced exponential growth, driven by breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. The integration of big data and powerful computing resources has further accelerated progress. AI's ability to analyze vast datasets, recognize patterns, and make predictions has led to its widespread adoption across various industries, revolutionizing the way tasks are performed and decisions are made.

1411, 2023

Executive Order on AI: Charting the Path for Responsible AI Innovation in America

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The White House recently announced an Executive Order on the safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of Artificial Intelligence. This move marks a defining moment in shaping the trajectory of AI development, deployment, and regulation for both the public and private sectors. This article highlights the key takeaways from the Executive Order and digs into the impact and transformative potential AI holds across diverse industries. Our experts also examine the future of AI in a constantly evolving landscape. Read the article here.

1411, 2023

Fortuna BMC Makes Vet100 List Two Years in a Row

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Fortuna BMC has once again secured a place in the esteemed VET100list, compiled by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families - IVMF at Syracuse University. The Vet100 list is compiled annually and recognizes the fastest-growing, veteran-owned and operated businesses in the United States. We're honored to be among the nation's leading veteran-owned businesses for two consecutive years and this recognition inspires us to drive our mission forward to support veterans and their spouses while making a lasting impact on the military community. This honor wouldn't have been possible without our exceptional team, our dedicated partners, and most importantly, the [...]

1311, 2023

Fortuna BMC has been recognized as the 2023 AMVETS National Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year in the Special Award category

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We're thrilled to announce that Fortuna BMC has been recognized as the 2023 AMVETS National Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year in the Special Award category! This prestigious award, granted by the AMVETS National Headquarters - Alumni Award Selection Committee, acknowledges our unwavering commitment to hiring and supporting military veterans.

411, 2023

Propoint Technology Inc. Successful Solution for CSD

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Propoint Technology, Inc. (Propoint) successfully implemented a solution for the California Department of Community Services & Development’s (CSD) 2022 California Arrearage Payment Program (CAPP) Energy Utility Debt Relief. This program provided relief to residential utility customers who carried COVID-19 utility debt.

111, 2023

Fortuna BMC joins a partnership with the Defense Department

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On Oct. 18, 2023, Fortuna BMC joined the Defense Department Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program and Military Spouse Employment Partnership for an induction ceremony and annual event in Alexandria, Virginia. Fortuna BMC joins more than 70 new partners to MSEP — bringing the number of employers to more than 700. Military spouses have long struggled with maintaining employment due to PCS moves and other challenges associated with military life. Unemployment among military spouses stood at 21%, according to the 2021 Survey of Active Duty Spouses. The same year, overall civilian unemployment was 5.3%, according to the Bureau of Labor [...]

1810, 2023

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Supercharge Your Teams

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Issue #1 of Launch Comics – Robots to the Rescue! is here. In this issue, you will meet RPA Bot, learn about the qualifiers for successful RPA integration, and review how RPA bots can power up your organization. Organizations on the journey to incorporating AI and automation to empower team collaboration and streamline day-to-day operations will find immense benefit in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA streamlines employees' tedious and repetitive tasks to allow more time for strategic and creative endeavors. By automating routine processes, companies can significantly reduce human errors, minimize operational costs, and accelerate task completion times - resulting [...]

410, 2023

2023 MISAC Event – Post Event Thoughts with Launch Consulting

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Launch Consulting participated in the 2023 Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC) annual conference, where CIOs, IT professionals, government officials, and industry leaders gathered to explore the latest trends and innovations in information technology, cybersecurity, leadership, AI, and digital transformation. A highlight for MISAC attendees visiting our booth was the opportunity to take our free Launch Consulting AI assessment to rate their organization’s current AI readiness level. Our free AI assessment guides users through a series of questions to evaluate organizational strategy, infrastructure, culture, and overall investment pertaining to AI. Whether your focus is urban planning, transportation, agriculture, or [...]

2209, 2023

Navigating Generative AI with Sensitive Data: Balancing Innovation and Security

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How do you access generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) models today? If you're one of the 15% of American adults who have used ChatGPT, you likely accessed it on a website owned by OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. If you've used Bard, Google's competitor to ChatGPT, you did so on Google's website. And if you've used Claude, the flagship model from Anthropic, you did so on a website maintained by Anthropic.

1709, 2023

Modern Data Protection Safeguards for ChatGPT and Other Generative AI Applications

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While AI apps have the potential to improve our work, they can also significantly expose sensitive data to external vehicles of data loss and further put organizations at risk of data breaches and non-compliance. As Yihua Liao, head of Netskope AI Labs, recently pointed out, “by acknowledging and addressing these challenges, security teams can ensure that AI is used responsibly and effectively in the fight against cyber threats.” It all starts with visibility.

1709, 2023

Databricks Unity Catalog Workshop

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Join Databricks on September 28th from 9AM to 10:30AM PT for their Unity Catalog workshop. With Unity Catalog, organizations can seamlessly govern their structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud or platform.

509, 2023

How IBM and VMware are helping clients modernize workloads

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VMware and IBM are building on their more than 20-year partnership with new and expanded solutions aiming to support their joint clients’ needs and goals in deploying and managing VMware workloads. Supported through close alignment with their go-to-market, sales, and support motions, these targeted solutions, and accompanying flexible consumption models, aim to make it easier for partners and joint clients of IBM and VMware to deliver differentiated services, reduce overall IT costs, and optimize investments in cloud.

2408, 2023

SAIC Announces Strategic Collaboration with AWS

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AUGUST 21, 2023 - Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) today announced that it has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide industry-leading services, resources and expertise to help government customers better utilize SAIC’s secure cloud solutions in AWS GovCloud.

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