Case Study: Private Equity Solution – Propoint Technology, Inc.


Project Overview

Propoint Technology, Inc. (Propoint) provided implementation support for a private equity solution targeting a large state pension system’s weaknesses in the operational process and infrastructure supporting Private Equity investment (PE). Propoint focused on implementing a new services technology solution to manage and account for PE portfolio data and activity while increasing PE data transparency through the implementation of new data standards and an automated transmission process.

At the time of this engagement, the Private Equity Program was valued at over $30 billion. Over the prior decade, the program had grown significantly, leading to monitoring a total portfolio of 760+ Investments and 400+ General Partners/external managers equating to approximately 8,500 individual portfolio companies.

Customer Pain Points

Internal staff along with independent investment consultants had identified weaknesses in operational processes and infrastructure for supporting the Private Equity (PE) investment function. This led our client to take action to replace existing vendors and systems with a new solution that better supported their current and future state needs.

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Published On: January 21, 2024
About the Author: Propoint Technology
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