Kiefer Consulting, Inc. Names Ben Cox as President

Ben Cox is set to ascend to the role of President at Kiefer Consulting, Inc., following the retirement of former CEO Greg Kiefer.

“Since assuming the role in March 2023, my message to our clients, partners and colleagues alike has been focused on a “Business as Usual” approach, working with our same expert team to build upon a 35-year legacy. We look forward to further embracing our commitment to providing innovative solutions using cutting-edge Microsoft Technologies in the Public Sector,” said Cox. 

Ben Cox joined Kiefer in June 2012, spending the last five years in his latest role as Kiefer Consulting Inc.’s Sr. Director of Operations. With a proven track record of strategic vision and effective management, he brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Kiefer Consulting’s values and objectives. 

He is poised to guide the company into its next chapter, fostering growth and continuing the tradition of building strategic relationships and delivering exceptional solutions and services to clients.

Published On: January 31, 2024
About the Author: Kiefer Consulting
Before smartphones, before the cloud, before the Web, before so many of the incredible innovations we now consider commonplace there was Kiefer Consulting. For more than 30 years Kiefer Consulting has been the leading provider of Microsoft-based solutions for a wide range of public and private sector clients in California and beyond.