State Releases GenAI Solicitation to Improve Call Center Operations

Published On: January 23, 2024

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) has announced a Request for Innovative Ideas (RFI2) to gather input for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions to assist the department’s call center operations, according to an announcement.  “CDTFA is seeking a solution that will use GenAI to swiftly search expansive reference materials and provide possible responses to taxpayers who reach out via telephone and live chat.”

“With the proper guardrails and engagement in place, the state can leverage opportunities to smartly and safely use GenAI to enhance the basic functions of our government,” said Amy Tong, Secretary of the California Government Operations Agency, in a press statement.

This is the third RFI2 related to GenAI as part of Gov. Newsom’s executive order released last fall.   Earlier this month, the state released two transportation-related solicitations to utilize GenAI to improve roadway safety and mobility insights.

Later this month, the CalHHS agency will release two solicitors seeking innovative GenAI solutions “to ensure that Californians with limited English proficiency have timely access to information about public benefits and can navigate public programs with ease and without confusion and to leverage tools to expeditiously document the facts or findings seen by a surveyor during health care facility inspections.”

The CDTFA call center solicitation includes a bidder’s conference on Jan. 23rd where vendors can ask questions about CDTFA’s problem statement.

“We know taxes are complicated, and our team works day in and day out to help customers navigate those complexities”, said CDTFA Director Nick Maduros. “Our goal is to use GenAI to make it easier for taxpayers to pay their taxes on time so we can more efficiently fund the essential services that benefit all Californians.”

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