Report: Clean Energy Jobs Impacted by COVID-19

Published On: July 22, 2020

According to a recent study by BW Research, more than a half-million clean energy jobs have been lost nationwide with nearly 90,000 of those jobs in California. The overall job loss equates to a 16.3 % reduction in clean energy jobs.

Five of the 20 hardest-hit metropolitan areas in regards to clean energy job loss are located in California, including the Los Angeles metropolitan with more than 42,000 jobs, more than any other in any other region in the United States. The San Francisco Bay Area is 4th overall nationwide in clean energy job loss with more than 22,000 jobs. San Diego and the Inland Empire are each dealing with the loss of more than 12,000 clean energy jobs and the Sacramento region is facing nearly 8,000 jobs.

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

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