Newsom Unveils Plans for New Office of Digital Innovation

Published On: February 21, 2019

As part of the state’s 2019-20 budget proposal, California Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled plans for a new Office of Digital Innovation, which will exist within the California Government Operations Agency.

The Office of Digital Innovation, set to employ 50 people and require an initial start-up fund of $36.2 million plus an annual budget of $14.6 million, aims to deliver government services in a more efficient manner by replacing obsolete systems and practices with updated digital services. Newsom’s budget also proposes a one-time Innovation fund of $20 million to equip the Office with the tools and resources needed to transform and streamline digital service delivery in the name of customer ease.

The budget proposal highlighted services that take too long and prompt physical visits from Californians, including driver’s and business license applications, financial aid options, and business taxes—all candidates for update under the Office of Digital Innovation.

To achieve this, the Innovation Office will have the authority to evaluate and promote user-friendly service delivery models and processes among other departments.

State supervisors, executives, and managers will also be required to an Innovation Academy meant to improve processes and shift their focus to a customer-oriented approach.

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