California Wins National Award for All Hazards Dashboard

Published On: October 13, 2023

A data visualization project by the California Health and Human Services Agency has won a national award, the National Association of State CIOs announced this week.

In the category of Data Management, Analytics, and Visualization, the project was recognized for its work in emergency management. CalHHS, in partnership with various departments, created a cloud-based data visualization tool called the All-Hazards Dashboard (AHD). The cutting-edge system provides a comprehensive and real-time view of emergency data from multiple sources. State officials said that these real-time insights enable CalHHS leadership to make proactive decisions during emergencies, reduce manual processes, break down data silos, enhance data accuracy and transparency, and facilitate interdepartmental collaboration for improved emergency response and coordination.

“California is the country’s most populous state with varied geography and hazards unlike any other, from flooding and wildfires to earthquakes and public safety power shutoffs,” said Kattya Trinh, CalHHS’ All-Hazards Dashboard product owner in the nomination’s executive summary. “California’s large population and increasingly unpredictable hazards require decision-makers to have a comprehensive picture of community impacts to provide fast emergency response.”

Read the nomination here.

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