CalHHS Releases IT and Data Strategic Plan

Published On: March 7, 2024

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) this week released its long-anticipated IT and Data Strategic Plan, an ambitious blueprint that outlines a future where technology and data not only streamline but also personalize healthcare and social services for all Californians. 

“This strategic plan presents an execution-focused roadmap for innovative technology and data capabilities, recognizing their interdependencies and the need to address them in tandem. We must maintain a forward-looking perspective, leveraging emerging opportunities such as Gen AI and others to support use cases that strengthen how we provide Californians with fully inclusive, intuitive, and convenient means of accessing the high-quality services they require,” says the plan’s introduction.  “At the heart of the Strategic Plan is a vision for a connected, comprehensive, and equitable set of health and human services tailored to the unique needs of all Californians. The plan sets forth strategic objectives aimed at transforming service delivery: from fostering person-centered solutions and integrating disparate systems to optimizing data usage and informing policies through technology-driven insights.”

The plan lays out foundational strategies and approaches, including strengthening governance to ensure interoperability, managing strategic assets to avoid redundancy, and innovating service delivery to meet current and future challenges. 

Read the 63-page plan here:

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