AI Regulation Measure Passes Committee

Published On: April 4, 2024

A major proposal to regulate artificial intelligence in California has passed its first policy committee.  Senate Bill 1047 by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) would enact the Safe and Secure Innovation for Frontier Artificial Intelligence Models Act passed on a 9 to 0 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“This bill seeks to establish guardrails for the most powerful AI models to avoid the more catastrophic possibilities about which experts have raised alarms. It places a series of obligations on developers of ‘covered models’ and providers of the cloud compute for training such models,” says a committee analysis. “The bill also seeks to establish a public cloud-computing cluster that facilitates equitable participation in the development and deployment of responsible AI systems. The bill is co-sponsored by the Center for AI Safety Action Fund, Economic Security California Action, and Encode Justice. It is supported by a host of tech companies and labor organizations and opposed by the Chamber of Progress and a coalition of industry associations.”

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