Why Amazon is going all in on renewables–and how it intends to use 100% clean energy by 2025

By Shannon Kellogg

With our country’s resources, history of innovation, and record of public and private sector collaboration, the United States can lead the world on the path toward reliable renewable energy. Modernizing the electric grid in the U.S. in conjunction with updated approaches to policy and regulation will help make that happen.

Shannon Kellogg, Vice President of Public Policy, Amazon

The Inflation Reduction Act passed and signed into law this summer is a major step forward, delivering a suite of clean energy policies that will help companies deploy more renewable energy at scale and build the critical infrastructure to support it. The new law represents the most significant federal investment in renewable energy and the most comprehensive effort to mitigate climate change in our nation’s history. It will accelerate a transition to renewable energy that is already underway and help lower costs for consumers.

We are proud to be a part of that overall transition to a cleaner economy. To date, Amazon has announced investments in 199 renewable energy projects across the United States, including 97 wind farms and solar farms and 102 onsite solar projects. Once all these projects are operational, they are expected to generate 32,740 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable energy each year–or the equivalent amount of power needed for 3 million U.S. homes. These projects are located on the grids where Amazon has operations to ensure a sustainable presence in the communities where we operate and generate significant economic development activity for states and local communities through new property tax revenues and job creation.

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Shannon Kellogg is Vice President of Public Policy at Amazon, where he leads the company’s public policy efforts in support of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) business in the Americas.

Published On: November 28, 2022
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