Utilities Committee Offers Guidance on What to Expect

Published On: April 7, 2020

As Chairman of the Utilities and Energy Committee, California Assemblyman Chris Holden sent guidance to his committee suggesting the likelihood of being able to hear a limited number of bills in the balance of this session.

In his statement, Holden said:

“Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Utilities and Energy Committee is preparing to hear a limited number of the highest priority bills prior to the current Joint Rule 61 deadline of April 24 for non-urgency, fiscal bills.

Please notify the Committee by COB on April 6, if you have a measure that you feel must be heard prior to April 24, because it directly addresses COVID-19 or another critical priority that must be enacted this year. Authors are also encouraged to submit arguments that justify the urgency of the measure. In making the determination about the urgency of your measure, it is important to recognize the limited resources expected in the budget and the increasing financial strain on energy ratepayers.

I have elected not to pursue the energy measures I introduced this year, which are pending/expected to be pending in the Utilities and Energy Committee.”

Much is left to understand with respect to the legislative work that remains in this session, but Holden’s message to his members is likely to be repeated in every committee throughout the legislature in the balance of this session.

About the Author: Jesus Arredondo

Jesus Arredondo is an Energy Industry Analyst and former State of California official. He can be reached at jesus at govreport.org