Unlocking the Future: Exploring Legacy Modernization Services for Digital Transformation

The Realities of Current Legacy Systems in Government

There are many large legacy systems that still permeate all parts of bigger state governments, as well as some larger counties across the land.  These legacy systems are still very important “systems of record” that cannot be easily replaced, typically requiring multi-year project roadmaps and very complex development/implementation/reintegration project lifecycles.  These legacy systems mostly exist on large IBM Mainframe computers and involve older COBOL/CICS or Adabas/Natural coding languages; some are still using Assembler.  Legacy system modernization projects can no longer be “big bang” projects but must now be incremental and systematically architecture-driven, based on the disentanglement of an array of custom technologies that span the prior 30 years of follow-on ancillary solutions. Legacy system modernization projects can cost $500 million or more and take 7-10 years to execute, often with great risk of project failure.  In the past, project failures could be attributed to the existing legacy system and a lack of full understanding of its capabilities and baseline functionality (business rules). A prevailing assumption today is that the Systems Integrator(s) we hire to modernize, will somehow be able to absorb this complex legacy system reintegration problem within their proposed project cost and schedule, thereby exasperating a basic market dichotomy that can further the likelihood of project risk of failure.

Emerging Legacy Systems Management Services – Mainframe-as-a-Service (MaaS) and COBOL-as-a-Service (CaaS)

A new management service has emerged that focuses on legacy systems, and it primarily involves COBOL or Adabas/Natural maintenance services for both legacy system enhancements as well as legacy system documentation/reverse engineering.  Visionary Integration Professionals, LLC (VIP) has a deep bench of highly valued COBOL and Adabas/Natural developers from EDD, DMV, DSS, and other government departments who are well-versed in extremely complex application programs of all generations of data repositories including VSAM, IDMS, and DB2. The steady stream of legislative mandates and customer enhancement requests are prime targets for this MaaS/CaaS service model, especially if the department is facing a reduction in those skilled mainframe-era resources. In addition, VIP can leverage legacy code analyzers and application maintenance tools for recreating missing critical documentation and application business rules that would further assist the modernization projects that are being planned, including the baseline “As Is” documentation around the many ancillary applications that have naturally proliferated around all large legacy systems.  VIP can provide great support for accurately reproducing those valuable legacy system insights and integrating business knowledge for the upcoming legacy modernization projects.

Legacy Systems Modernization Services

For those government IT organizations who are considering their own legacy modernization project requiring a high level of sophisticated planning, strategy and architecture, there are several convenient ways to access those necessary legacy services from VIP.  Our experienced staff can provide a detailed modernization roadmap where incremental projects are fully defined to provide new COTS Software solution alternatives and minimize the previous debt-laden custom development models that comprised the original legacy systems.  There are many sub-strategies to successful legacy modernization projects that involve limitless permeations of architecture and technical scenarios. These scenarios include Enterprise ZOS Linux from Red Hat, Enterprise Data & Analytics (for understanding legacy data quality, data reconciliation, and data conversion risks/constraints), and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) opportunities.  VIP has the experienced leadership and technical resources to help the government take on these complex modernization projects and we can help ensure success.

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Published On: June 15, 2023
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