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Gartner recently released the top 10 strategic tech trends for 2023. From adaptive AI to digital immunity, it’s clear—to be able to scale, optimize, and pioneer, businesses must have a strong relationship with their data. In other words, to be a part of what’s next, you need to know what came before. That’s the Data Imperative.

In 2023, data will separate leaders in digital from laggards. If you plan to expand your business, incorporate new revenue streams, or create digitally enhanced experiences for your customers, harnessing your data is imperative to transformation.

Whatever data you use—customer records, vendor contracts, usage statistics, maintenance logs, social media sentiment, user feedback, ESG numbers, capacity management reads—it must be verified, organized, secured, mastered, accessible, and rich. That’s enough to make anyone sweat, but it’s a fact: Understanding your business’s historical data and leveraging it to work for you is the only way to level up in an information-saturated world.

With that in mind, how have you decided to invest in data in your 2023 planning?

To get ahead (while everyone else falls behind), keep reading for the 3 data truths you need to know in 2023.

Truth #1: Data is not a new idea, but its significance and scale are greater than ever before – and to more organizations (not just the big guys).


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Published On: October 26, 2022
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