Senator Bill Dodd Presents AI Bill to Create Office of Artificial Intelligence

Published On: April 14, 2023

“AI can do a lot and there’s certainly benefits, but it can’t be trusted to regulate itself.”

SB 313 author Senator Bill Dodd presented his bill for the first time in front of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee on Tuesday, April 11. 

Senate Bill 313 would establish, within the Department of Technology, the Office of Artificial Intelligence, which would regulate the design and deployment of automated systems within state agencies to ensure those systems are in accordance with state and federal laws.

“By staying aware when AI is being used, we can create a future where AI systems are designed, deployed, and governed responsibly, prioritizing the wellbeing of all the people.”

SB 313 acts as a guardrail for artificial intelligence rather than a clear opposition–the bill requires generative AI to announce itself when it collects personal information and must always provide the alternative to speak to a natural “person.”

“Think of the auto industry over the years that we’ve adopted speed limits, seat belts, and airbags,” Dodd said. “Now is the time for AI oversight to catch up.”

Ethan Rarick, executive director for the Little Hoover Commission, was present at the hearing and spoke in favor of SB 313.

Back in 2018, the Little Hoover Commission issued a 2018 report entitled Artificial Intelligence: A Roadmap for California. The report calls for swift action by Gov. Newsom and Legislature to form an infrastructure to take advantage of AI in a risk-averse manner.

“At the time of that study, other states and countries had surged forward with strategic plans to harness the power of AI in ways that were predicted to improve their economies in ways that were predicted to improve their public health and safety and other matters,” Rarick said.

Rarick recommended, on behalf of the Little Hoover Commission, that an AI special advisor be appointed to make a plan to responsibly and transparently incorporate AI within state government.

“We emphasize the need for AI policy making that would protect core values such as autonomy, responsibility, privacy, transparency and accountability,” Rarick said. “We believe this bill would advance those goals.”

Watch video of the five-minute presentation below:

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