Patnaik Stresses New Problem-Solving Approach for Tech Community

Published On: October 15, 2020

Sometimes, for the tech community, figuring out the right solution is secondary to figuring out the right problem, according to Udaya Patnaik, director of the Office of Digital Innovation.

Patnaik spoke at TechCA’s first annual Fall Forum on Sep. 24, urging tech vendors to rethink the traditional problem-solving relationship they have with the California state government. 

“I would challenge the tech community to take a slightly different approach, which is not to say right off the bat that ‘I’ve got the solution to that problem,’ but actually to frame up and offer to state government: ‘we can actually help you figure out what the right problem is to focus on,’” Patnaik said.

The more holistic approach may require more humility from both sides than the traditional method, Patnaik said, but the best way to attack an all-encompassing crisis like COVID-19 that threatens the “health and wealth” of Californians may be to reverse engineer solutions.

Watch Patnaik’s comments here:


About the Author: Will Keys

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