DMV’s Vendor Day Presents Opportunities

Published On: September 10, 2020

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) held its second annual Vendor Day virtually on Sep. 9, presenting an array of tech vendors with a set of IT-related problems to be solved through potential partnerships with the private sector.

The event, held via Webex video conference, included five problem statements to be solved by vendors if awarded a contract. 

Those problem statements include:

  1. Creating an effective appointment strategy in field offices: DMV seeks to combat COVID-19-influenced wait times and reduced capacity across the department’s 234 locations.
  2. Optimizing the workforce schedule among DMV’s 10,000-plus employees: DMV seeks the creation of a workforce management system. 
  3. Optimizing availability of licensing-registration examiners (LREs) for drive tests: DMV seeks to create a nimble scheduling system 608 LREs across 178 locations.
  4. Reducing contact center workload for DMV’s phone call intake: DMV seeks to reduce load for 382 agents across three call centers fielded 2.9 million calls last year, resulting in 4,700 overtime hours. 
  5. Facilitating state-to-state verification using Real ID: DMV seeks electronic verification system to check if applicant holds a Real ID in another participating state.

Online narrative response submissions from vendors addressing problem statements will be due on Sep. 25. 

Vendors whose submissions are selected by DMV will be notified on Oct. 9, six days prior to the Oct. 15 pitch day in which vendors will have 15 minutes to present their solutions to any of the five problem statements.

About the Author: Will Keys

Will Keys writes about technology issues for the GovReport. He is a graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. He can be reached at will at