DMV Aims to Tackle Workplace Issues at Vendor Day

Published On: February 18, 2022

On Feb. 17, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Department of Technology held its annual Vendor Day, a virtual event that included roughly 300 vendors and 20 presenters.

DMV posed various business-related issues to its vendor audience, followed by a series of five-minute question-and-answer sessions. 

DMV Director Steve Gordon kicked off the program noting that his department’s approach to activity-based costing is too time-consuming and lacks integration with pertinent systems. Gordon spoke about DMV’s desire to optimize that process. 

“We obviously want something that’s streamlined, much more automated,” Gordon said. “We  want to improve our ability to gather the data efficiently, we want to go ahead and to simplify the overall process.”

DMV employs over 9,800 workers (2,000 of which are teleworking) across 200-plus locations. 3,680 of those workers are without email access, leading to a serious problem in workforce communication.

One solution might include an internal social media platform, or the idea to treat internal communications more like a campaign than a simple message. 

“Ultimately, the goal would be to really establish a culture of collaboration,” DMV Chief Deputy Director Chris Rojas said. “It would provide a sense of community, it’ll articulate skills, capabilities and development opportunities for workers to participate and contribute in digital workplaces.”

DMV presented several other problem statements including service request tracking, human capital management automation, and cash management solutions. 

Whatever the problem has been historically for DMV, vendor day events have served as a catalyst for finding the solution. 

“We’ve taken many of these ideas from these vendor days, we have procured various solutions, and we roll them out,” Gordon said. 

Vendor responses to DMV’s problem statements are due on March 3, 2022. Qualified vendors will be notified of their selection on March 24. 


About the Author: Will Keys

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