Direct Technology GovSolutions Becomes Launch Government, Fueling Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Launch Consulting is thrilled to add Direct Technology’s Government Solutions Group to their roster of experts in digital transformation. Originally sister companies under equity firm TA Group Holdings, Launch and Direct Technology have a long history of incorporating each other’s expertise to create powerful, agile solutions that translate between the public and private sectors and create a better human experience for all.


For over 25 years, Direct Technology has provided IT and professional services to state and local agencies. From developing a statewide emergency call tracking system (which now processes over 40% of all emergency calls nationwide), to building mission-critical state healthcare and welfare solutions, to improving access to public services via digital accessibility program management, this team has been in lockstep with developing and innovative technology in government.

In addition to long-standing industry partnerships, Direct Technology keeps people up to date through publications like a seven-part written series on Exponential Government and the lauded Davood for Thought podcast, hosted by Davood Ghods, former Chief of California’s Office of Technology Services.

Now the GovSolutions team, headed by Davood Ghods and former DOD consultant Kyle Keyser, has officially joined forces with Launch Consulting. Moving under the Launch brand gives the established government consulting team access to an impressive bench of technologists ready to assist public organizations on their journey from modernization to transformation.

“Direct Technology and Launch have worked together on multiple projects over the years, trading public sector knowledge and amazing technical talent,” says Kyle Keyser, VP of Launch Government. “With so many government teams looking to create digital, customer-centric experiences, it seems like the perfect time to officially combine forces.”


In this pivotal time for government tech, Launch’s expertise in data visualization and AI will be a key asset for this team’s current and upcoming projects. With clients ranging from Microsoft’s Center of Innovation and Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project to the Hawaii Health Exchange and the State of Colorado, Launch also touts formidable scale that complements the incoming team’s deep public-sector experience.

The new Launch Government Sector is moving faster than ever. They continue to deliver the leading platform development, cybersecurity, accessibility, and business continuity services they’re known for, working with government entities of all sizes to transform the future of public service.

Launch’s current public-sector clients include CA Department of Food and Agriculture, CA Housing & Community Development, CA Department of Health Care Services, CA Department of General Services, and the City of Concord in Silicon Valley.

To learn more about the expanded offerings of Launch Government’s expanded digital transformation offerings, please visit the website HERE.

Launch Government Solutions from Launch Consulting on Vimeo.


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Published On: March 25, 2022
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