CDT to ‘Soft Launch’ New Cloud Smart Community Forum

Published On: January 8, 2020

The California Department of Technology announced on their tech blog a “soft launch” of the Cloud Smart Community Forum to field and answer questions ahead of their Cloud Smart project. 

The CDT’s Cloud Smart project is a long-term drive cloud adoption, storage, and computing implementation at the state level.

While there has been no hard date announced, the soft launch is the initial step of a full-scale Cloud Smart Forum which is “soon to come,” per the blog.

Last October, at the annual conference of the Municipal Information Systems Association of California, California CIOr Amy Tong said that the state’s policy is “cloud-smart rather than cloud-first.” Tong also noted that cloud services will vary based on department needs.

At the CDT Vendor Forum last November, OTech State Deputy Chief Technology Officer Ellen Nishimoto noted that her department has begun providing managed services in the cloud. 

Nishimoto called OTech’s approach “location agnostic” when referring to storing data either on the local mainframe or in the cloud. 

Location aside, the switch to the cloud is also a significant cost-saving measure. 

“We really are looking at how we can reduce our technical debt,” Ishimoto said. “We need to reduce our rates. We need to start looking at the services we should be providing.” 

The CDT began offering cloud-based services to state agencies in 2014 and currently offers CalCloud, which includes Infrastructure as a Service, Email, and Vender Hosted Subscription Service. 

More information on the Cloud Smart Community Forum will be coming soon, per the CTD blog. 

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