CDT to develop oversight report for agile projects

Published On: November 12, 2020

CDT’s Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL), which serves as a checkpoint and progress tracker for state IT projects, will likely include a new approach that considers agile or iterative projects. 

According to Andrea Spears, chief project officer for the Office of Statewide Project Delivery, CDT is piloting a new way to report on projects that do not fall under the traditional waterfall or long-range planning process. 

“We have an iterative project report pilot that is in the works,” Spears said during a CDT vendor forum on Nov. 5. “There are the special project reports that tell the vendor community exactly what a re-plan is for a project. This type of report will also provide that transparency, but is designed specifically for agile or intuitive projects.”

The change in approach reflects the need to deliver projects on a timetable of weeks and months as opposed to years. 

“We want to approach things a little differently,” Spears said. “We want to go rapidly, we want to be smart.” 

During the forum, Spears also emphasized CDT’s project cost delegation and the continuation of their accreditation process that allows departments to undergo projects without constant CDT oversight. 

Ultimately, the purpose of the changes to CDT’s approach to procurement and project oversight is to facilitate a smooth relationship with vendors. 

“We look to the folks in the vendor community to help us be thinking partners,” Spears said. “We know that our reliance on the vendor community is just going to get even heavier and our partnership will continue to grow.”

About the Author: Will Keys

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