CDT Looks to the Future with ‘Vision 2023’

Published On: January 22, 2021

In conjunction with its Information Technology Annual Report, the California Department of Technology also released “Vision 2023” on Jan. 15, a strategic plan that will guide IT-related policy and decisions over the next few years.

Vision 2023 was developed with input from a cross-section of 75 state and local officials, ranging from former DGS Director Daniel Kim to Los Angeles County CIO Bill Kehoe, Assembly Budget Chief Consultant Christian Griffith, and GovOps Assistant Secretary Angie Quirarte, among dozens of other policy and tech leaders.   The project included 60 stakeholder interviews.  Code for America Advisor Dan Hon was hired as a consultant to lead the plan’s development.

“This has been an inclusive process to develop what the way forward should be. And so we’ve been engaging with frontline workers and program chiefs from outside of the technology community to understand what their needs are, to the traditional technology folks, both the state IT workforce, as well as our CIOs and AIOs throughout the state, and to other stakeholders like local governments, the Legislature and Department of Finance,” said CDT Chief Strategist Justin Cohan-Shapiro at a special Vision 2023 forum for vendors on December 3.   

The plan follows the state’s guiding principle “to put people first, make continuous, timely improvement and recognize that working together beats working alone” and seeks to accomplish five goals:

  1. Deliver easy-to-use, fast, dependable, and secure public services.
  2. Ensure public services are equitable and inclusive. 
  3. Make common technology easy to access, use, and reuse across government. 
  4. Build digital government more quickly and more effectively. 
  5. Build confident, empowered multi-disciplinary teams.

Each goal reflected user research interviews with various agency and department leaders, noting challenges to be anticipating and justifications for how each goal could achieve the state’s vision of efficient technology powering a compassionate, human-centered government.

Efficiency and effectiveness were the common themes throughout the strategic plan. The two words or their derivatives appeared a combined 23 times in “Vision 2023”

Taking the steps to capitalize on the promise of their vision, the state is building “challenge teams” made up of “leaders, doers, and advisors” who will begin work in early 2021. 

About the Author: Will Keys

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