CDT Announces Technology Modernization Fund Round Two Now Open

Published On: March 25, 2022

The California Department of Technology this week opened round two for proposals to be funded by the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF).

The $25 million TMF was created in the 2021-02 budget that will “allow CDT to provide quick funding to state departments to invest in technology modernization efforts or to stabilize IT systems at risk of failure.”    It will fund small efforts that can quickly provide high-value services and fund urgent needs identified by the state’s Stabilization Service.

“Projects must have clear, concrete goals, a viable and quick path to delivery, and strong support from the requesting entity’s executive leadership,” says a CDT blog post.  “Proposals submitted will be evaluated based on their probability of success, replicability, and support of statewide goals. ”

Round two proposals are due by April 8.

Round one projects were awarded in January to four departments, including:

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will develop a method to integrate state HR systems with commercial job boards and industry standard recruitment platforms.  This project will expand awareness of CDCR positions and smooth out the process for applicants and state staff alike.  The solution is expected to serve as a proof of concept that can be extended to other state departments.  The estimated budget is $3.5 Million over 2 years.

The California Environmental Protection Agency will develop a geospatial dataset for the California Unified Program Agencies that protects Californians from hazardous waste. The dataset will allow the state to more quickly respond to emergencies by identifying locations and jurisdictions of hazardous materials incidents. The estimated budget is $1.5 Million.  The platform will be developed in about 6 months with the data being fully populated within one year.

The Department of Food and Agriculture will update and move on-line the system that tracks companies who can test and repair weight and measurement equipment. Currently, there are nearly 1.85 million commercial weighing and measuring devices registered in California from grocery scales to electric meters to gas pumps. An accurate database helps companies find a certified agent who can quickly get faulty equipment back online, saving time and lost revenue for the business. The estimated budget is less than $1 Million, with a Minimum Viable Product expected in production in a few months.

The Department of Consumer Affairs Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Board will implement online capability for application, processing, and payment for 13 license types that are currently done on paper.  The project budget is about $400,000.  The first license type should be implemented within six months, with the other 12 types following over approximately one more year.







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