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1008, 2023

California to develop hydrogen market strategy

The all-encompassing approach aims to build a renewable hydrogen market akin to the Zero-Emission Vehicle Market Development Strategy to help the state progress toward zero emissions. The move is vital for achieving California's climate objectives, including a clean electric grid and net-zero carbon emissions.

2112, 2022

CPUC Overhauls Rooftop Solar Proposal

The California Public Utilities Commission has released a long-awaited overhaul of its proposal to regulate rooftop solar installations, removing an unpopular new fee but reducing how much utilities would pay homeowners for supplying power to the grid.

2911, 2022

CAISO Symposium Provides Insight on Direction of Utilities

More than 850 attended this year’s California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Symposium. While most of the conference focused on regional issues and day-ahead scheduling, the opening panel consisted of panelists representing western state utilities.

2009, 2022

Newsom Signs Climate Package

As we had previously reported and expected Governor Gavin Newsom this week signed his climate package of bills which he proposed late in the legislative session, and a number of other climate bills that had been part of our tracking list this session.  The new laws will now require the state to become carbon-neutral by 2045, produce 90% of its electricity from clean sources by 2035, create safety zones around oil wells near homes, and draft rules to fast-track permitting of technology that aim to remove carbon from the air. 

2009, 2022

SACCWIS Recommends Extending Retirement Dates for OTC Facilities – Again

The Statewide Advisory Committee on Cooling Water Intake Structures (SACCWIS), which is composed of the CAISO, CCEC, and CPUC – filed a draft report to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) this week (9/20) recommending that the OTC facilities slated for retirement remain on-line for an additional 3 and 5 years.

1409, 2022

California Sets Power Usage Record as Historic Heatwave Wanes

California faced one of the most prolonged heatwaves in its history.  All-time record temperatures up and down the state made it difficult for Californians to stay cool and the power to stay on.  The result of the oppressive heat led to Governor Gavin Newsom calling for an emergency proclamation to address the ten-day power crisis.  The proclamation loosened some environmental rules to ensure that the power stayed on and offered more benefits for those entities who chose to reduce energy usage.

1605, 2021

Will California’s power grid withstand heatwaves this summer?

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) projects electricity supply for summer 2021 to be better than last year. Although a series of policy changes and redesigns of ISO’s system has occurred, along with improved communications and coordination protocols, the power grid is still prone to be overstressed during extreme heat waves—according to the ISO’s summer outlook released this month.

2603, 2021

Grants awarded to protect vulnerable communities from PSPS

The State of California is distributing $50 million in Community Power Resiliency grants aimed to protect local and vulnerable communities from the effects of utility-initiated power shutoffs. The grants will be distributed through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

2403, 2021

After California’s Costly Firestorms, A Wildfire Innovation Office Emerges

California’s 2020 wildfire season broke records. The state reported more than 9,600 wildfires that burned nearly 4.4 million acres, killed 31 people, destroyed 10,000-plus structures, and left Californians with more than $12 billion in damages. The increasing devastation, combined with last year’s losses, has spurred lawmakers to consider a new Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development for advanced fire prevention and suppression.

1202, 2021

Governor announces key energy agency appointments

Gov. Newsom made several appointments to key energy agencies this week.  Darcie Houck to the CPUC, Sivia Gunda to the California Energy Commission, and Mary Leslie and Jan Schiori to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Board. Details of the announcement included: Darcie Houck, 51, of Davis, has been appointed to the California Public Utilities Commission. Houck has served as Chief Counsel for the California Energy Commission since 2019. She was an Administrative Law Judge at the California Public Utilities Commission from 2016 to 2019, a Partner at Fredericks Peebles & Morgan from 2005 to 2016 and Staff Counsel and [...]

2101, 2021

Will governor’s $1.5 billion zero-emission vehicle plan lose steam?

As part of his $227 billion 2021-22 budget, Gov. Newsom proposed nearly $1.5 billion to support his executive order to make all new vehicles zero-emission by 2035, but the plan faced criticism at its first budget hearing, with Republicans and Democrats saying not so fast.

1312, 2020

California approves $115 million for hydrogen fueling stations

The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved a plan on December 9 that will invest up to $115 million to increase the number of fueling stations in California that support hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Up to 111 new hydrogen fueling stations will be built in the state by 2027 under the new plan.

312, 2020

New site tracks grid outages

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) launched a 2021 Summer Readiness webpage to help the public understand the August 2020 outages. The webpage offers quick access to data and reports as well as provides the causes and recent evaluations of the rotating power outages implemented in August.

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