California Budget Boosts IT Security

Published On: January 13, 2020

Governor Newsom’s budget proposal includes a significant boost in spending on IT security.   

Released on Jan. 10, the 2020-21 budget has allocated a one-time fund of $11.3 million to IT security operations, as well as an ongoing fund of $38.3 million ($29.4 million general fund) and an official 85 positions dedicated to IT security. 

“The Administration is committed to protecting the state’s critical information assets and infrastructure, which includes personal data,” the budget reads. “The state has taken numerous steps over the past decade to audit state entities’ compliance with state security and privacy policies.” 

The additional funding will help the California Department of Technology keep track of cyber traffic, intelligence, and respond to any potential threats on the state’s cyber security. 

Over the last decade, one of the crucial steps in facilitating and sharing IT security information at the local, state, and federal levels has been the creation of the California Cybersecurity Integration Center, which was founded in 2015 and granted full statutory authority as of 2018.

In the 2019-2020 budget, the DOF allocated $2.7 million ongoing (plus a $742,000 General Fund and a $2 million Business Fees Fund), primarily to upgrade voting systems across 58 counties and to minimize cyber security risks related to voting and IT systems. 

In a 2017 publication, the Legislative Analyst’s Office recommended the CDT “prioritize addressing high-vulnerability and high-sensitivity security risks for future budget requests.” 



About the Author: Will Keys

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