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1910, 2023

5 Insights, Lessons on Using Artificial Intelligence

As one local government official recently wrote, artificial intelligence (AI) “has the potential to revolutionize state and local government operations,” the primary advantages being enhancements in efficiency, smarter decision-making and improved service delivery, to name a few.

2403, 2022

Cradle-to-Career Data System Inches Forward

At the first Cradle-to-Career (C2C) Governing Board meeting for 2022, held last month, the board walked away with one primary action item and two follow-up items to keep the C2C system moving forward.

1702, 2022

Two Bills Aim to Tackle No-Bid Contracts in California Government

Since the pandemic's onset, California state government has awarded technology-related and other no-bid contracts worth more than $3 billion to at least 30 technology and health care companies, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis. Overall, the state entered into more than 8,000 no-bid contracts in 2020 alone — 80 of which total more than $25 million and amount to more than $11.9 billion combined in spending, according to a press release.

2701, 2022

Digital Education Equity Program Reintroduced in California Legislature

California public school districts officially have another shot at equal access to professional development for teachers and technical assistance that will help schools effectively use their technology — and schools could cost-effectively plan for and implement current and emerging educational technology.

1301, 2022

CDT: Four Technology Modernization Fund Projects Move Forward

On January 12, 2022, the California Department of Technology (CDT) — which approved the TMF in summer 2021 to fund small efforts that can quickly provide high-value services and fund urgent needs identified by the state’s Stabilization Service — announced that projects from the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the California departments of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and Consumer Affairs (DCA) will move forward.

1712, 2021

CDT Seeks Vendor Feedback on DMV State-to-State Verification Service Program

The DMV seeks to implement a State-to-State (S2S) Verification Service program so it can ensure that a driver’s license or identification (DL/ID) card applicant possesses only one REAL ID compliant or federal non-compliant DL/ID card nationwide, according to the pre-solicitation posted on Dec. 6 on behalf of the DMV.

1012, 2021

Improvements to CDT’s Project Approval Lifecycle Coming in 2022

Better planning results in better project outcomes. That's the impetus behind the California Department of Technology's (CDT's) Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL), a framework that's been in place for a number of years "to improve the quality, value and likelihood of success for IT projects undertaken by the state of California," according to the CDT's Statewide Information Management Manual. And in recent years, officials noticed that the framework process needs to be more adaptive, agile and nimble.

912, 2021

First Technology Modernization Fund Projects Expected to Launch in January 2022

California's Technology Modernization Fund (TMF), approved by the California Department of Technology this past summer to fund small efforts that can quickly provide high-value services and fund urgent needs identified by the state's Stabilization Service, is already off and running — it aims to launch its first round of selected projects in January 2022 and start round two in the first quarter of next year.

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