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910, 2023

Governor Signs Bill to Require ‘.gov’ Domain for Cities and Counties

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Governor Newsom has signed a bill that will require all California cities and counties to use a government-designated domain, his office announced on Sunday (Oct. 8).  AB 1637 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks)  seeks to address cybersecurity and enhance public trust in government websites in California by requiring cities and counties in the state to transition their public internet websites and employee email addresses to utilize a ".gov" or ".ca.gov" domain by January 1, 2029.

2209, 2023

AI System Inventory Bill Goes to Governor

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Assembly Bill 302 by Assemblymember Chris Ward (D- San Diego), which calls for a comprehensive inventory of all high-risk automated decision systems in state government, was passed by the legislature and now awaits action by Governor Newsom. The legislation has similar requirements to the governor's recently issued executive order on AI.

609, 2023

Executive order calls for study on AI use in state government

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Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order aimed at preparing California for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in state government. The executive order calls for the state to study the risks and benefits of using AI, focusing on ethics, transparency, and trust while maintaining California's position as a global AI leader.

1808, 2023

Legislature Adopts Resolution on AI Principles

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The California Legislature has adopted a major policy stance on the use of artificial intelligence with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 17, authored by Senator Dodd (D-Napa).  The resolution commits the state to the principles articulated in President Biden's "Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights," unveiled by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy last fall.

1008, 2023

California to develop hydrogen market strategy

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The all-encompassing approach aims to build a renewable hydrogen market akin to the Zero-Emission Vehicle Market Development Strategy to help the state progress toward zero emissions. The move is vital for achieving California's climate objectives, including a clean electric grid and net-zero carbon emissions.

408, 2023

Governor signs cybersecurity education bill

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Governor Newsom last week signed Assembly Bill 569, aimed at bolstering cybersecurity education in state colleges.  Authored by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), the legislation focuses on improvements and increased reporting for the Cybersecurity Regional Alliances and Multistakeholder Partnerships Pilot Program within the California State University system.

1107, 2023

Major Infrastructure Projects Approved in Budget

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Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a series of budget and infrastructure bills aimed at accelerating major projects across California, with a particular emphasis on the state's climate and clean energy goals. The laws aim to speed up construction timelines on key projects by streamlining permitting, cutting red tape, and introducing new project delivery methods.

907, 2023

California’s latest tech tools to combat wildfires

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Highlighting the state’s increased use of technology, firefighters, and aircraft to combat wildfires ahead of what is predicted to be an intense wildfire season, Governor Newsom touted the state's latest high-tech tools on Thursday. California is deploying AI, satellites, cameras, drones, and real-time intelligence to fight fires more efficiently.

3006, 2023

Newsom: Tech Revolution Enhances California’s Wildfire Response

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On Thursday (6/29) Governor Newsom highlighted the state's increased use of technology, firefighters, and aircraft to combat wildfires ahead of what is predicted to be an intense wildfire season. California is deploying AI, satellites, cameras, drones, and real-time intelligence to fight fires more efficiently.

2906, 2023

Legislation mandates governments to use ‘.gov’ domain

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Assembly Bill 1637 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D- Thousand Oaks) calls for local government agencies throughout California to use a primary or secondary ".gov" or ".ca.gov" domain for official websites and email addresses.  As a measure to improve cybersecurity standards, the legislation aims to expedite the switch for hundreds of city and county governments and their subordinate agencies with a non-standard domain, such as ".com" or ".org".  The bill sets a deadline of January 1, 2027. 

2604, 2023

Newsom Appoints Data Professionals to ODI

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Governor Newsom has appointed two Data Professionals to the Office of Data and Innovation (ODI). Monica Bobra, a former Senior Research Data Scientist at Tomorrow.io and Research Scientist at Stanford University, has been appointed as the Principal Data Scientist, the Govenor's Office announced.

2104, 2023

Senate Rules Committee Confirms State CIO Liana Bailey-Crimmins

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This week, the Senate Rules Committee confirmed Liana Bailey-Crimmins as State CIO and Director of the California Department of Technology.  Her nomination now moves to a floor vote of the Senate, a formality and final step before she permanently takes the position she was appointed last June.

3103, 2023

AI Legislation Moves Forward

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TechCA is tracking bills related to artificial intelligence, including legislation that would establish the Office of Artificial Intelligence, require a comprehensive inventory of all “high-risk automated decision systems,” mandate civil rights impact assessments for automated decision tools, create an interagency AI working group across all state agencies, and establish a comprehensive research plan to study the feasibility of using advanced technology to improve state and local government services.

2403, 2023

How Will California Oversee AI in State Agencies?

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Newly introduced legislation would create a new office within California state government to oversee state agencies' use of artificial intelligence.  Senate Bill 313 by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) proposes to establish the Office of Artificial Intelligence within the California Department of Technology.

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